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3 Steps To a Successful Upload...

1) Collect your files to a single folder. Many desktop publishing applications have utilities to Collect or Pack for output. Include the main document and all placed files such as logos and pictures.

2) Be sure to include the fonts used in the document. Compress the whole folder with a standard compression application. Use WinZip or IzArc on the PC. Use Macintosh's native ZIP utility or Stuffit.

3) Browse to select the compressed file and hit Upload File(s). You will receive an e-mail with confirmation of the upload. We will review your file, contact you shortly with any questions about the files, and get complete information on the order.

Please keep this window open until the file upload is complete and you get a "Thank You".

Note: IzArc is a great open source Compression Application for the PC. It does everything WinZip does and it is FREE. Download it at

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